Customers and discount cards


Main menu> Manage> Customers> Customers list> Add Customer

Input the empty fields, choose whether the customer is an internal client (internal client service fee will not be charged), active or not ( is not possible to make a transaction with passive clients)

Main menu> Manage> Customer> Discount Card Types> Add discount card types

Fill in the name, discount percent and the discount rule (you may create a new discount rule in the discount rule menu, due to which it is possible to specify which particular dish is available for discount ).

Main menu> Manage> Customers> Discount Cards> Add Discount Cards

Input in “Number” section  the card number, the  Discount Card ID, select the card type  and the customer.

Main menu> Manage> Customers> Discount Rules> Add Discount Rules

Input the field name, and mention the need of manually discount and add products which are under discount or those except which the others are under discount. In advance you should mention the regime.

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