Printers and printer settings


In GregSys software Print operations are made by print jobs, which in their turn needs printer and printer templates in the system.

Main menu> Manage> Settings> Printers> Add Printer

Input the printer name, select the printer name from the available  printers list of operating system. Printer type select Windows printer, and leave the rest fields unaltered. After this action in Gregsys system will appear a printer, with the help of which later will be created print jobs.

The printer template is for creating the content of printable part.

Main menu> Manage>Settings-> Printer Templates> Add Printer Template


Input the template name. Then you need to input templates for Header template,  Gift template, Void line template and  footer template (if it is necessary). At the right side of the printer template you can find the Rules. Additional rules are follows:


<T> (Title): Designs the title line.

<F> (Fill): For example <F> - creates a line symbols <F> =  creates  a line =  symbols.

<EB> (Enable Bold)  prints in bold up to  <DB> command.

 <DB> (Disable Bold) to cancel <EB> command.


<Jxx> (Justified) Align text to both the left and right margins.

• <Cxx> (Center) Same as <J00> but centers the text.

• <Lxx> (Left) Same as <J00> but align text to the left.

• <Rxx> (Right) Same as <J00> but align text to the right.

• <BEEP> (Beep Sound) If the printer has an opportunity of  sound, in the case of  this command it will make sound. Usually it is used at the end of  the pinter template and informs the user that something has printed. Very useful for kitchen printers


<BMPx> prints the picture by the address. For example "<BMP7> C: \ logo.bmp" where "7" is size of image: Is it possible to print the picture at the left, right or in the center. For example:


          <BMP> C: \ logo.bmp

the logo will be  printed on  the left side. If replace <L00> with <C00> -  the picture will be printed in the middle of the page, and in the case of  <R00> the picture will be  in the right side.

<CLxxxx> This command divides the printable part in  4 parts by this relationship.

For example <CL5122> {NAME} | {QUANTITY} | {TOTAL} | {TOTAL AMOUNT} the first part will be  50% of printable part, 10% the second, third and fourth will be 20%. The may done also command <CW5122> without dividing lines. 

Main menu> Manage> Settings> Print Jobs -> Add Print Job

Ինպւտ the name of the print job . Choose [Printing content] field. This field accepts  the following values:

All lines

Only New Lines

Lines  Grouped by Barcode

Lines Grouped by Group Code

Lines Grouped by Tag

New Line by Print Line Count

Last Paid Lines

From this value mainly used  [All Lines] and [Only New Line]. For example, [All Lines] used during the creation of bill (ticket)  for  the customer. [Only New Line] is used when it is needed to create  a  ticket  for printing orders  in the kitchen.

After inputting [Button Header] field value there will appear a button with the name of it, pressing which will work print job.

[Auto Print After] if field can accept the the following values:

Manually - In this case the print job will work only by users click on the button of print job.

New Lines Added to ticket - In this value the print job  will work if  added  new lines automatically.

Ticket payed- Print job  works when you pay for the bill (ticket).

The remained fields are the follows:

Lock Ticket-  after Print Job work the bill (ticket)  is locked.

Close Ticket - after Print Job  work the ticket  is removed from the page of orders.

Display at  POS screen  - a button is added in the page  of taking order if  [Button Header] field is not  empty.

Display at payment screen - a button is added in the page of payment if [Button Header] field is not  empty.

Always without taxes - prints only the lines that are tax-free

Only for old Tickets -  print job will  work only during watching the old tickets.

It is possible to make printer to work automatically in the case of the following payment types cash, credit card and vouchers.


Then should be  add the lines on  the printer display, due to which will be decided what conditions should satisfy  printed lines and where should be printed those lines. These fields are the follows:

Warehouse-  filters by warehouse

Tags-  filters by ticket tags

From Bar-  filters by the kitchen or bar

Product group - filters by  product category

Product - Filters by product

Printer - Shows the printer which prints the lines

Printer template  - shows which printers template should print the  lines.


After creating the Print Job we  need to add it into the terminal.


Main menu> Manage> Settings> Terminals> Edit Terminal

Click [Select Print job ] button

Move the Print Job  from the left side to the right side, then that  Job will become active for the terminal

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