Examples of use of Modifiers in  GregSys software are the follows:


1) With the hamburger from the list can be chosen  Coca Cola, Fanta or Sprite according to the customer's wish.

2) In Pizza’s standard recipe, you can add double cheese or bacon.

3) In dish recipe you may add a pre-set semi-finished goods.

Let’s  examine  the case with a semi-finished good.

We have a semi-finished dough that can be used in different pizzas.

First you need to add dough to  the list of semi-finished goods (preferably 1 kg)

Then you  need to add the modifier

Main menu> Manage> Products>Modifier Group  > Add Modifier Group.

Input  the name of Modifiers Group, in  modifiers section choose a product (in this case pizza dough) and input modifiers Name (usually the name is the same with product name). If in  “Price” section we will write price then it will have influence on the price of the main dish (the price of semi-finished goods is 0)

According to importance specify fields.

Meaning of  specified fields

1. If you choose a “Required” field, during the sale it will not be impossible to choose a  modifier.( It  is mainly used in the case of semi-finished goods).

2. “Single selection” it works if there are several modifiers, which makes it possible to choose only one of several modifiers.

3. “Multiple selection” this  field allows you to select modifiers one or more times.

4. Add the “Modified price to the product price”. It also shows the modifier price.

5. “Not show in Reports”: if we choose it the printer  will be print modifier name (It  is mainly used in the case of semi-finished goods).

6.“Not show in tickets” if choose it the modifier will not  be shown in the  order field.

 (It  is mainly used in the case of semi-finished goods).

Modifier is ready, you should add it  to product.

Main menu> Products> Products list> Edit Product

“Property Group” (in place of name choose the modifier  and put a coefficient).

According to our example, during the pizza sale  except its basic recipe will be also added inventory items  of pizza dough according to recipe from warehouse .

Menu Item Notes


Main menu> Manage> Products> Menu Item Notes> Add Menu Item Notes.


1) “Free Noting” this allows to input the notes, which are not in the list  while taking the order.


2) “Save free  notes” this  point saves “Free Notes”.


Notes: In this section we add the names of Notes.


“Available” in this section we select availability of product or group of products or  all products.


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