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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is it available to see yesterday’s actions?

Yes, and not only the  reports of the  day before  but also the reports of the whole activities, moreover,  based on  the report you can forecast your income.

  • Does the  program calculate  the dish recipe (Calculation)?

Yes, and not only the dish but also the other dishes in the dish (semi-finished goods) calculation of  items, the same dish recipe can be calculated  in several ways.

  • Can the software itself  written out the items?

Yes, of course, otherwise the software is useless.

  • Is it possible to see the remains in the warehouse?

Naturally, and not only the warehouse, it is also possible to store multi-warehouse,  cash drawers and banks.

  • Is it possible to see the dish income?

Yes it is possible, controlling the numbers, you can increase your incomes by raising the price of any dish. If there is a dish which is not sold, then you can study its cost and find out how much you can lower its  price.

  •  Can the system calculate the salary?

It's the most difficult part of the calculation, moreover, any accountant will  confirm that it is just a punishment for him to calculate everything correctly and quickly. GregSys software can automatically calculate the salary  and do it in different ways, based on the  work period. There will not be any misunderstanding with the stuff as it used to be.  

  • What kind of discount and bonus opportunities has the software?

The program can make any kind of discounts and bonuses: cumulative discount, holiday discount, from the amount, without limitation, according meals, customers’ groups, other types of discounts and bonuses. It is a powerful and multi-module.

  • How many terminals can it  support? 

The program supports  unlimited number of terminals.

  • How much  is Network Load Balancing?

Computer network load is not great, and if the network is clogged, so it will slow down the network speed. For normal work you need 0.5 MB speed network that will provide even 3G networks, and we are not speaking about  standard LAN connections. 

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