For Creating Tables

Main menu> Manage> Tables> Tables List> Add Table


Input  the table name and category.

It is also possible to create multiple tables;


Main menu> Manage> Tables> Tables List > Add multiple  tables


In the opened window fill in the following format;

# [Category Name]

[Table name]

[Table name]

Tables names should not be repeated.

After creating tables to set up a Table view.


Main menu> Manage> Tables> Table View> Add Table view


Fill in the name and press button[Select Table]


Select the tables and move from left to right part.

The [View mode] field can be automatic and custom.

In the case of custom regime, the  tables can be arranged schematically as well as make wallpaper restourant scheme. In the case of custom regime we open

Main menu> POS


Right Click of  the mouse we choose the command [Design Mode]. This mode gives you an opportunity to change   table position and size  according to user preference. After these changes you  need to leave [Design Mode].

In the case of  automatic regime the tables placed in order.

There is an opportunity to change the colors of  empty, busy and  blocked tables.


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