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Why should you automate restaurant?


1. Increase Profitability and Reduction of expenses.

   Competent embedded system of automation allows you to increase profits and to gain an advantage over competitors. That is why you should be very careful in software selection process. GregSys is an automate software of restaurant that unifies all functions of restaurant management and uses modern technology, making the management process more efficient. Experience shows that after the introduction of GregSys software, in the same sale size, the restaurant's profits grow 10-30%.

2. Robbery  prevention.

   The restaurants managers’  main problem is fight against abuses of employees. Very often one spends large sums of money on new technical means and automation systems managers understand that their efforts were useless. People are creative and able to fool even the smartest devices. However, it is possible significantly reduce or even completely eliminate abuses if system solutions is given to the problems.

  • Inventory

   Making inventory correctly in bars and kitchens can be a good tool against abuses. There is a fixable inventory system in GregSys software which allows to make inventory of  warehouses of any type and quantity. In addition, there is possibility to watch online the remains of the products, which allows you to control warehouses not only during making inventory but also at anytime of the day.

  • Security cameras

   One of the most popular tools in the fight against of abuses is the security system. To see what is going on with your business online is very important. So there is also an opportunity to watch the security cameras from anywhere in the world via  Internet.

3. Providing the speed of the working process.

   The speed of service is very important in the restaurant business. The speed depends on the employees' mutual understanding, which can essentially reduce the time they use on service. The cooks and barmen can easily understand all the details of the order without communicating with waiter or cashier with the help of printing system of GregSys Software. The process of giving the bill to the customer will be more quickly.


  If the waiters take orders by tablets (iPad or Android) the action of taking orders will be faster. In this case the order will be typed directly from the table during the conversation with the customer and will be seen in the kitchen and bar. So the waiter should not to reach the computer to write the order. In this way the waiter will not forget the order because the taking order and input processes are going on in the same time.

GregSys Software can be used both on expensive tablets and on more affordable Android-powered tablets (In this case you can save money and get the same result). All the features of the program can be used by tablets.

4. Receiving reports.

  To manage restaurant efficiently you need system of getting any information quick and easy. GregSys reports system  let you get the necessary information for any period of time to analyse restaurant work. For example one can monitor cost and selling relations because the cost of products constantly changes. Or you can check if there are dishes in menu which are sold badly and etc.

5. Improvement of employees’ work efficiency.

Every employee login GregSys system by his/her own pin code and have their own permissions.It is possible to  encourage employees according their made sale.

6.Clients’ records.

One of the best ways to attract customers are discount cards bonuses, customers’ records. GregSys system provides all these capabilities.

7. Control from all over the world.

It is possible to work with GregSys software from all over the world via Internet. That is the restaurant manager will be able to control his restaurant in spite of where he is. The latest technology can be used for the benefit of your business. It quickly brings back the money spent on these technologies.



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